Life Fuel Wellness

Success Stories

Daniel Roble

“Bryan Thomas guided me with wonderful ideas on how to deal with the issues I have with diabetes. He gave me a specialized diet and I am more than happy to follow his guidelines. He convinced me that eating the right foods now would be for my own good and he was right! Now I am happier when I wake up in the morning and I feel better! I am quite happy with the health improvements I have received with Bryan’s guidance.” – Dan Robles

Rita Beard

For over 20 years I have been cursed with insomnia which has aggravated other issues of my health and unsuccessful efforts to lose weight.  Doctors say if you cannot sleep you cannot lose weight no matter how hard you eat properly or exercise.  Bryan pointed the way to adaptogens, and other excellent information that has allowed my brain to, at last, make it’s own hormones to permit me to sleep!

He has also helped me regarding many health issues and tips regarding overcoming major health obstacles I have suffered for years! His advice has been reasonable, balanced and supported by very fine medical research.

I am so grateful for Bryan’s excellent advice and friendly, caring manner.  He is an excellent health coach and cares deeply about the people he advises.  What a blessing for me as I now am on the path to successful weight loss, exercise that is right for me and have found an excellent weight loss protocol that is improving my hormones and overall health! I am now successfully off almost all my medical drugs, have lost weight, am feeling better and better each day!  I recommend his counseling without hesitation! – Rita Beard

Jim Taylor

“Bryan Thomas was extremely helpful to my wife and I. He guided us to the correct foods we eat on a day-to-basis, and instructed us how we should prepare all the foods so they benefit us. We are both really pleased with the health improvements we have seen!” – Jim Taylor