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An Homeage to Harold-Introduction


There are few stars in the world that shine in such a way that when they fade away, the entire night sky appears differently.

Dr. Harold Hillman MB, BSc, MRCS, PhD was one such star. And on August 5th, 2016, his passing left a void that will likely remained unfilled for some time.

From the Surrey Herald:

HILLMAN DR HAROLD died peacefully at home on 5th August, 2016. Professionally known as uncompromisingly, intellectually honest with a strong moral compass that affected everyone he met. Remembered by his family and friends as kind and loving; he will be deeply missed by his wife Elizabeth and their children, Alexander, Rachel, Benedict, Sophia, and their families, his brother Mayer and wife Heidi.

Dr. Harold Hillman was a freethinker and ardent scientist who sought truth and scientific exploration above nearly all else.

In the coming blog posts, I will be collecting and sharing his work to not only pay tribute to such and inspirational scientist and man, but to help spread the information he worked so hard to share himself, at the expense of his employment, business, and personal relationships.

I hope you too can derive joy and gain new insights into the marvels of science and nature, just as Dr. Hillman would have intended. I also would like you to experience the magnitude of this mans work and the implications of what he worked so hard to study and fought so hard to uphold.


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