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fitness trainer with arms crossedHello! My name is Bryan Thomas and I am the Roaring Fork Valley’ s premier Strength and Nutrition Coach.

I would like to share the journey that has brought me to where I am today which is coaching people on how to break free from the outdated dietary dogma that is holding them back from achieving their ambitions in life, and empowering them to develop sustainable and lasting lifestyle habits that make achieving all their goals in life a reality.

Why do I Know What it’s Like to Struggle with Excess Weight and Poor Health?

To paint a picture for you why I became a Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach, I must share this revealing story. Nearly 5 years ago I tipped the scales at nearly 270 lbs; nearly 80 pounds more than someone my height should weight.

I walked poorly because of my weight. I slept poorly because of my health. I missed out on many opportunities life threw at me because I was obese and fatigued. No matter what I seemed to do to try and remedy my unfortunate situation, nothing seemed to help. I was lost in a sea of misinformation without a life-raft.

I was visiting family for a birthday party. It was summer so, naturally, I was wearing shorts. As I approached and greeted family members with smiles, a life-changing event happened. Due to my weight and trouble walking, my shorts had somehow managed to work their way up my thighs and bunched up tightly like a baby chimpanzee clinging to its mother! Of course, I was unaware of all of this until my younger brother, who has always been lean and without a health issue, opted to point out my chaffing loudly in a public display of mockery. Then, a football game started and I abruptly had to stop playing when my tight pants ripped.

I was mortified.

I knew I was having problems with my weight but up until that moment, I didn’t know how bad it had gotten. At this point, with my family cajoling me in a slightly loving, slightly childish manner, it woke me up to the fact that I had to do something FAST!

I didn’t know where to start. I began reevaluating everything I thought I knew about health and nutrition, also known as “everything that got me into that situation in the first place”. It was during this time-frame that I was without direction and without guidance. All I had was an embarrassingly long belt, and a method of eating that didn’t work. At that time, I didn’t know how to find a consistent source of energy, strength and stamina, and I knew if I didn’t find an answer, I would never be able to accomplish my life goals because of my bad health situation.

What Did I Do To Reverse-Engineer My Health Condition?

I knew that in order to solve my health and weight problem, I needed to reverse engineer everything I had done previously to get me to this unhealthy state! I also realized that “losing weight” and “being healthy” are two different things! Once I realized that, the steps to becoming healthy came so naturally, so easily, and nearly effortlessly. The thing was, I did it all by allaying conventional wisdom and thinking for myself. I let my body guide me and by trusting my instincts. I learned a lot…. and I mean a lot!

Two years later, at a similar family function, I was almost unrecognizable to the same family that had shared in my moment of shame. I looked the best I had in years! With pressing inquisition as to how I transformed my life from that of an unhappy, fatigued person with a persistent weight problem to a person with a glowing outlook on life, I did what just seemed natural to do… I shared my new-found knowledge with them and they were unable to deny my results.

The Defining Moment Of My Life

This was the defining moment in my life. I realized that I wanted to be the life-raft for anyone who is suffering with ill health and/or obesity! I knew it was time to share my knowledge, share my experience, and share my passion; to help people create the level of energy, strength and stamina that is needed to achieve their life’s mission. I also wanted to help them achieve this higher level of health so they never have to suffer with today’s modern day diseases, and experience a lifetime of taking toxic, mind-numbing medications.

I knew there were plenty of other people out there that were struggling with weight or not feeling well, as I had been for so many years. I also understood that if they were feeling wiped out, tired and exhausted consistently, that they had forgotten to take care of themselves. Because they had let their body go, it would be very hard for them to achieve their dreams in life!

Now I realized that I wanted people to grasp that the way they move, and fuel their body, is so very important! It’s about being able to achieve their life goals, and living a life that matters! And they wouldn’t be able to do that without their body functioning at it’s full potential!

So, first, I became a Certified Fitness Trainer

I found out that it is extremely fulfilling to work with people everyday to make lifestyle changes they couldn’t achieve by themselves. In other words, it’s a buddy system and I am their partner to meet with them regularly and give them individualized attention and support toward their health goals.

Bryan Thomas - Personal Fitness TrainerOn my self-discovery to good health, I found out that you don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get results and I developed my Life Fuel Wellness system of exercise to get maximum results in minimum time. I make sure each of my clients gets an efficient and effective workout that uses their strengths and improves on their weaknesses.

Then I Became A Health Coach!

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It’s the largest nutrition school in the world! We studied every dietary theory, both in the eastern and western cultures. Because I have studied all the major dietary theories, I can quickly determine which approach would work best for each of my clients and I now love helping people restore their health, and then transforming their health so they can live an extraordinary life!

Many of my clients have special medical needs, such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity.

I work with their physician, chiropractor, or other health care provider to plan a safe, efficient program that will speeds their recovery and helps them achieve their health goals.

It’s Time For Your Health Transformation!

Too many people struggle to live optimally, and I had been one of those people! I am healthier, happier, and wiser because of my experience, than I ever thought possible.

Combining all my knowledge I had garnered on my own, along with the training I have received as a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Health Coach, I now wake up each morning excited to share my knowledge and expertise with my clients to create for them a happy, healthy life with a sustained level of energy and engagement that does not go away!

I’m Here For You

Just fill out the contact form on this page, or call (720) 539- 5620 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with me; either in person or on the phone. Let’s start you on the road to an amazing life!